– Solventless adhesive laminating machine is suitable for high-speed solventless adhesive lamination of different types of plastic films, metalized film and aluminum foils. The following main features make the machine one of the most popular laminator models in the markets
– Accurate digital control of the coating amount
– Stability of the lamination pressures
– Precision sectional independent tension control systems, with dancing rollers.
– Consistency of the rewinding pressures
– High production efficiency
– Mixer for two-components adhesive

DH-KARIN Flexo Printing Machines

– Stable printing: Specially designed bearer-type cam supports and fastens the plate cylinder with a locking hook, which effectively overcomes the vibration caused by plate gap and achieve high-precision and stable printing;.
– Fast change of cylinders: Specially designed bearer-type structure enables fast change of plate cylinders without adjusting printing pressure, which greatly improves production efficiency.
– Fast change of roller and ink: Open-ended roller and ink system can realize fast change of anilox roller, metering roller as well as ink fountain box without use of auxiliary means.
– Automatic adjustment of doctor blade: Specially designed doctor blade realizes automatic adjustment of blade pressure without manual operation.
– Short paper path design: Design of short paper path greatly reduces production cost.
– Pre-register function: Servo-driving pre-registering function improves production efficiency and also reduces waste of printing materials in register debugging.
– Accurate registering: Accurate registering produces qualified prints in the acceleration and deceleration process.

Three Side-Seal Pouch Making Machine

– Main drive servo motor: The operator can change the feeding and sealing time for each material independently. Sealing temperature adjustment unnecessary while machine speed up. This mechanism can help to reduce the lost of material greatly.
– Feeding servo motor: The pouch length is accurately controlled by servo motor includes middle pulling stand and rear pulling stand for upgrading production speed.
– Outer transmission mechanism: Compared with inner transmission mechanism, the structure of brand-new outer transmission mechanism is much simple and ease to maintenance
The new FTSC-V pouch making machine can give about 30% more productivity than conventional bag making machines.
– 3-side sealing bag: 3 lanes production and the skip seal function can reach 9 times of feeding length. (max.1,200mm).
– Stand up pouch and zipper pouch: 2 lanes production.
– Bottom gusseted stand up pouch & Four side seal bag: Dual function unwind stand and a second add-on gusseting device are optional items that facilitate production of standup pouch with bottom gusset and four side seal bag. The adjustable gusseting depth, together with the gusset-nipping roller and photocell features, accurate gusset depth and precise sealing position can be achieved without film slip problem.

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